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I’m saying a display name for the community! Instead of just have Jonny Smith (example) it would be Jonny Smith IFForums. I’m think the abreviation to maybe be IFForums? It would be kinda like IFFG. So you know when you spot a community member. It would help people get spotted.

  • I will add this to my callsign
  • I might
  • no way! I don’t like people knowing who I am!

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So, if you want to get more chance to catch a Community member, go fly in the advanced server and look at regions that have active ATC.

All usernames looks like a pseudo or not a real name have chance to be an IFC member

Yeah, I do fly advanced. I just don’t memorize the community. It would be cool to see more members and know who they were.

For people to spot me, which still nobody has, I changed my display from CBaccari to IFForums-CBaccari. I also saw someone on IF with the IFForums on their display name. as well.

We could make it IForums

I changed it a week ago, though.

You mean the Display Name I think.

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I just changed mine to IF forums Hmkane

I just keep mines Bulba because well who else would pick Bulba as a name anyways. And most people can spot me easily if they know where I am.

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MaxSez : LOL. Everybody want to have a title or a hook… Just make it up as you go along. You can generate your own display name/handle. Just tap your name on the ID block and go for it… Is it an ego thing?. Appears you prefer. VADC CEO, Hope it fits in the block, it will make a heck of a phonetic,

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Maybe Il’l change, maybe not.

I say we maintain the status quo. If you are active enough on the community, you will remember the people here and you will be remembered too. That’s the definition of a ‘community’. It all depends on whether people use the same username as a display name.


Oh no, you’d better not see my flying ‘skills’

I prefer to keep my name clean and uncluttered. the only thing I’ll add to it is IFATC if (when) I become one.


HV9690 is obvious enough…

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