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Hello guys, I was just thinking that what if Infinite Flight had a community app ? Instead of web they can make a full fledged community app through we can stay connected and stay into ecosystem of Infinite Flight Simulator. If there’s a route just click on it and it takes you automatically into your flight that you’ve started…many such convincing features can be added and an amazing UI would be cherry on a cake…I hope you guys liked my idea !!

Happy flying ✈️❤️👨‍✈️


There actually is an app. If you go to the App Store or play store, download DiscourseHub and then put the link to this community and you are all good!



Link: community.infiniteflight.com


No don’t move it, since it already exists.

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Doesn’t need to be in features. Meta is fine

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Okay…I didn’t move it !! Let it be as it is…

Also if you’re on chrome.

Open IFC -> Top right -> Add to home


No I’m not talking about this !! This is a third party app and it’s also not so friendly !! What I’m saying is that Infinite Flight developers can make an app by themselves and publish it to App-stores…

Mate I know all of this…I need an app not a website !!

Mate if you’re on mobile, and you “add to home” it literally an app.

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There is already an app for the IFC
it is called DiscourseHub
Apple Link:


Then, open the app and click the plus icon in the top left

Sign into your IFC account

Then you’re don’t, you will also receive notifications if you choose

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Yes I know that and that’s how I use it rn but we need more features and interactivity with this thing that’s what an app does !!

Great !! But I want IF developers to make one…

The app would just be a website on the app. The community is managed by discourse, so unless the coders of IF decide to make a SECOND app, it would be unnecessary, since discourse is already provided if one. Plus, it wouldn’t be worth the time, rather when they can spend the time adding a new airplane

Plus, the design of the community will not be able to be changed or anything. The app the Infinite Flight would develop would literally just be a link to the website. That’s basically what discourse is, and discourse would most likely come out better, and it wouldn’t waste as much time

IFC is a forum not an app. The app they used for this forum is discourse, plus developers have more important jobs then making a “forum” like fixing bugs etc…


Exactly. 100% agree

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dont you think they have enough work with the ongoing updates of the Infinite Flight Sim itself? I dont think they have enough time to do a own app, and this “App” you get when you add it to your homescreen works just fine, using it since “I did stop counting when” without any issues

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App already available as was linked above.