IF Community App

I suggest the forum must have an App it is more easy and convinient.


It’s not hard to develope at all I think and Im saying apple isn’t greedy some Weird apps are in there for no purpose at all and it will be helpful for the whole community.

We have a discourse app in which you can put the IF community on.

You’ll get notifications for PMs, likes, replies, etc.


Well the dicourse app is like on the WWW.

Well investing on the game is important but there’s not much today that IF will change if they will have 3D buildings like FSX

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That’s your only option. I highly doubt that they would develop another app just for the community as discourse already has one.

Some one tried this once here is the beta. Infinite Flight Community Android app. Also ya might wanna search this topic first. There are a dozen like this one previously made.

There are lots more things than silly memory eating 3D buildings. There is an engine overhaul needed, rework of lightning, the 330/340 rework, the concorde the 350 the 73max series. So many things that could be worked on rather than an app.

Well let FlyDevStu. Handle the job and let just enjoy.