IF Community app

Hello IF Community,

The Infinite Flight has grown to a really high level and it’s online community has grown even bigger. This community has been a strong bond to all of it’s members and in fact, many of the IF simulator enthusiasts spends more time here in this website than anywhere. Discussion aviation, logging the flights, posting amazing pictures, organising entertaining events and competitions, suggesting and expecting new features, training the new pilots and ATCs, being a part of Virtual airlines and seeking support, being diverse with all these features, IF Community has made us all to adhere very close with it. Meeting new people has been an amazing and important thing here that creates global friendship and togetherness.

Though this community using Discourse has already been perfect in it’s way, I was wondering wouldn’t it be cooler if we have an app for such a big world of flight Simulation enthusiasts?

I would like to know what the community feels about this.

Thank you all, so glad to be a part of the community,

  • This can be a good idea.
  • No, this isn’t that important at the moment.

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Discourse already has an app, which you can use the IF community on. You’ll get notifications too.


Here, I notified the developers, and they have already released the app. Enjoy! ;)


I guess I was not aware of that. Feel free to close this, thanks for letting me know anyway. ☺