IF Cockpit Remote App

Does ayone still use the IF Cockpit remote app for IOS/Android? Last update was Nov 2016 so i’m not sure if it’s still running or if it’s even compatible with Global

I’m not sure. I was tempted to but it but I didn’t because I saw its last update was in 2016

It’s a bit different since you won’t use your iPhone as a yoke with In-Flight Instruments. Last I heard I think @nicolas was going to work on an update?


Whats the app called?

Yes, it would require an update, i’ll take it off the playstore for a while because :

  • there are some changes in the API that need to be taken into account
  • connection to IF was not equally reliable on all devices, which is really annoying

don’t download it now, wait for an update


Whats the app called though?

App is called IF Cockpit

I got a fright in the clearest voice now hahahaha
Congratulations on the tool!!