IF Christmas Photoshoot

Hello guys! I hope this is not too big of an ask but I would like to invite you to a Infinite Flight photoshoot at Los Angeles International Airport.

I am trying to make a wall paper or loading screen worthy picture and I would like at least 10 people for this. This will be for Expert Server (Beta) due to the least amounts of people and free gates

Only spawning at the Tom Bradley terminal, I would need people to occupy these gates

| Lufthansa A350 | Gate 134 | @anon38552190
| EVA 777-300ER | Gate 132 | Not Occupied
Gate 130 is to be left unoccupied for realistic purposes
| Virgin Atlantic 787-9 | Gate 133 | Not Occupied
| Aeromexico 787-8 | Gate 135 | Not Occupied
Gate 148 is to be left unoccupied for realistic purposes
| Korean Air 747-8 | Gate 150 | @Generic_Flyer
| Japan Airlines 787-9 | Gate 152 | Not Occupied
| ANA 777-300ER | Gate 154 | Not Occupied
| Singapore 777-300ER | Gate 155 | @Chris4435

This shall not take longer than 10 minutes. Once 10 minutes after the starting time passes, people may de spawn.


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Here for this gate!

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Signed up!


I’ll be happy to take this gate, I’ll let you know if I can’t join because I’m not sure what I’m doing that day.

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