IF Checklists screen question

Does anyone know how to get if checklists to appear on the same screen as your infinite flight while in gameplay???

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There are no current checklists in game

If you’re referring to the third-party app IF Checklists you can utilize split view on an iPad or other tablet to view the checklists next to Infinite Flight. Otherwise, there is no way to do so.

Hello @gman22,

Regarding your question about checklists, there is, unfortunately, no checklist in-game (as @Prestoni mentioned).

There is a ThirdParty topic above that @MattAV attached that you can use.

Additionally, there is a very recent General topic created that I have attached below:


On the iPad you can open IF Checklists in a slide-over.

On Android it’s called pop-up view.

Next time please specify what platform or device you’re using.


I indeed do have the 3rd party app IF checklists. Is there a way to make it pop up on my screen like in the picture above on iphone?

iPhone doesn’t have split view unfortunately 😪

But I have a solution for you. You can sell out your iPhone ☎️ and buy an android tablet 🪨 and a phone 🪵.


Thank you for letting me know!

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You could always just engrave the procedures into your head, Kinda like I what I’v done with the MD-11🫠
I still have a check list, but rarely use it.

Yeah, memorization is an option. Sometimes I just write the basics down when I’m tired so I don’t get caught off guard.

I don’t exactly do basic……

Basics includes…everything. Especially on short-haul power flights, there’s usually no break time and I need to keep track of stuff.

Ah I see. I’m a vary In depth flyer. But for some people I suppose thats works for them.

It’s not more of a matter of depth, but more of adjusting to circumstances.

For example, on a 10 hour flight there is no need to use a checklist.

It’s takeoff, and landing (of course there’s more but human action is really only needed for a tiny part of the flight).

On a short-haul hop between two cities, however (and I’m talking about ultra short-haul, think, 20-30 minutes) I need to be present for almost all of the flight. Then, things can get a bit messy as you might be overwhelmed.

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