IF Checklists - More than just checklists!

I have it on my android s8+ and need to use it but need it to overlay how do i do it?

Hello? Anyone gonna answer my question?

@HadenJohnson I’m using the S9+ I’m sure you can do it on the S8. If you tap the tab button you should see 2 bars on top of each other. Tap that then you can choose which apps to open on the split screen

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Could you link a vid? I dont get it.

I figured it out but infinite flight won toad at all. Lol be requesting a refund because it doesnt work like intended.

Unfortunately IF doesn’t support split-screen on Android.

In some cases it might work, but there are no guarantees and issues are to be expected.

Adrien explained it well in post number 11:


Thank you so much for the nice comment! :)

Well you already left a review, and that’s all I can think of right now haha.

I definitely will!

No problem, happy to hear you like the new update!

@Jan’s answer is totally correct. I never guaranteed the app to be compatible with multitasking on all devices, and since Infinite Flight does not support Split Screen on Android, I have no influence on this issue. IF Checklists is made to work with multitasking with as much devices as possible. I hope you can understand.

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Personally. Although it does seem to work on my S9+ using split screen I like having Infinite Flight full screen so I use the checklist on a separate device.

Great app btw @Adrian bought the plus version. Great addition. 👍

Is it necessary to have a US phone number to receive the link to the app? I am using a Turkish telephone number and I couldn’t receive the link.

Super awesome, @Adrien (and @Jan for the flaps limits)! Very clean UI, well done. Congrats!


I actually recommend using a separate device if you have one.

Thank you so much!

No, everyone should be able to receive them. The SMS are sent by Twilio; I will have a closer look with them. Twilio SMS supports global carrier networks with coverage in 150+ countries. May you send me your operator in a private message? Thank you very much.
In the mean time, you can easily download the app from ifchecklists.com/download. :)

Thank you for the kind words, John!


Hiya, love the idea of the app and the way it works, but I think I’m being a little stupid with how to actually use the thing 😂 I understand you can’t split screen it with every feature, but how would you use the voice feature and the “co-pilot” etc? Do they call out checklists? Just unsure on how to use and connect it :) thanks!

Edit: I paid for the plus thing

Hey there!

Make sure the sound toggle is enabled in the settings section of the sidemenu, the volume of your device is at a normal level and you haven’t muted any sounds. Then, simply start any checklist, check off items, and you will hear your virtual copilot “confirming” your checks!

Please check post #11 for more information about how to use split screen on your device.

Please let me know if you have any further questions! :)

Adrien, this is great! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

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Very helpful, thanks man!

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Just started to integrate the new ‘quicklinks’ into British Airways Virtual’s new (and not yet released) Pilot Centre, and it’s looking great! Great update and great work, can’t wait to see future developments!



That looks awesome! You will find a list of all aircraft names used to build the Quicklinks URLs below. I hope this is useful!

   "Super Decathlon":"8KCAB",
   "B737-700 BBJ":"B737BBJ",
   "C-17 Globemaster III":"C17",
   "VC-25 (Air Force One)":"VC-25",
   "Dash-8 Q400":"DH8D",
   "172 Skyhawk":"C172",
   "208 Caravan":"C208",
   "Citation X":"C750",
   "Spitfire Mk VIII":"Spitfire"

Certainly is! Will get it added to all the other aircraft in our fleet now, really simple to add, so hopefully it shouldn’t take too long!

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Spoiler alert

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Great update! Love the descent calculator options!

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