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Hey everyone!

In February 2018, IF Checklists 1.0 was released on iOS and Android. Since then, we have been continuously working to improve it, and are happy to announce that IF Checklists 2.0 is out now! This update brings a lot of new features and improvements to the app. Let’s take a closer look at it.

What’s new in IF Checklists (2.0):

  • Added descent calculator (only available with IF Checklists Plus)
  • Added flap limits data (only available with IF Checklists Plus)
  • Added cruise information data (only available with IF Checklists Plus)
  • Added three new voices (only available with IF Checklists Plus)
  • Added IF Checklists Quicklinks
  • Added 3D Touch Quick Actions support (requires a 3D Touch compatible device)
  • Added support for the updated B737 family and the reworked A-10 released in Infinite Flight 18.6
  • Improved the aircraft suggestions feature
  • Improved the status modal
  • Improved overall performance
  • Fixed bugs

Introducing the best descent calculator for Infinite Flight.

This incredible calculator is available exclusively with IF Checklists Plus. Unlike other calculators, all input fields accept multiple units - the app intelligently detects if you are using Mach, knots, FL or feet. On top of that, it will only output data that can actually be used in Infinite Flight - you no longer need to round the results up or down in your head. It will be easily accessible from the approach checklist and the sidemenu, as shown below on the new iPad Pro.

Make your flight more lifelike with flap limits data.

We have added flap limits data for a big majority of the aircraft. You can easily access them from relevant checklists and make your flight more lifelike if you have IF Checklists Plus. Thank you @Jan for helping to make this reality.

Cruise information - everything you need for a smooth flight.

In addition to the already existing MMO/VMO data available with IF Checklists Plus, this update also brings cruise speed and ceiling altitude for all aircraft.

Three new voices to choose for your virtual copilot.

Three new voices (Chloe, Chris and Molly) have been added to the voice feedback feature available with IF Checklists Plus. You can choose your voice in the settings section of the sidemenu. Here is an overview of the voices currently available in the app:

  • Ben (male, British English)
  • Chloe (female, British English)
  • Chris (male, American English)
  • Molly (female, Australian English)

IF Checklists Quicklinks - an easy way to share the checklists you use.

Ever wanted to share a checklist with a friend? Well, now you can! IF Checklists Quicklinks generates short, memorable links (like https://ifchecklists.app.link/A320 for the Airbus A320-200) to any checklist you can easily share with anyone.

We have created these links for all currently available aircrafts in Infinite Flight. If you click on one, it will directly open IF Checklists and select the desired aircraft. Haven’t got IF Checklists installed yet? No problem! We use modern technology (deep linking) which will redirect you to your App Store, let you install the app, and still select the right aircraft when launching the app. If you are using a computer, you will have the possibility to send a free SMS to your mobile device in order to install the app and start a checklist.

We believe this is a really interesting feature, especially for virtual airlines. As seen in the results of the IFARB Virtual Airline Survey 2018, the realism of a virtual airline is very important to pilots, and a crucial factor for them to decide between multiple virtual airlines. They expect virtual airlines to offer resources to help them fly better, and virtual airlines expect pilots to fly realistically to give a good image of the VA. That’s where IF Checklists Quicklinks helps. VAs can encourage their pilots fly more realistically by integrating some IF Checklists Quicklinks badges in their fleet pages or crew website for example. If your VA crew website is hosted by Infinite Airlines, you will automatically get an update adding IF Checklists Quicklinks to the flight briefing page.

Another use case are events. Have you ever wanted to organise a realistic event? You can make it even better by encouraging the participants to use checklists by adding a badge in your event thread, just like the one below.


All of this is made possible by the in-app generator, which outputs several commonly used formats, such as HTML5, Markdown for the Infinite Flight Community, an image badge, and more. Give it a try!

Aircraft suggestions are back.

This app update brings aircraft suggestions back! We have completely rebuilt this feature, so it is faster to load and more accurate. The suggestions will be updated daily based on the current IFATC schedule, FNF event, Flash Flights, and new aircraft releases. If you are a developer, make sure to check out our new API!

Other smaller additions have been added as well.

3D Touch Quick Actions support (requires a 3D Touch compatible device)
Do you want to quickly open any checklist of your previously used aircraft? Simply apply a little pressure on the IF Checklists icon on your home screen and tap.

Support for newer aircraft
We have modified our checklist for the updated B737 family and reworked A-10.

Overall performance improvements
The app now works faster than ever before.

Bug fixes
We have fixed countless bugs in this update.

We have worked really hard on this update, and we hope you will enjoy it. If you do, we would be really grateful if you give us a ★★★★★ review or share the app with friends! You are also very welcome to share your thoughts about this update in this thread. :)

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Adrien, you have outdone yourself with this new version of IF Checklists. It has definitely become my favorite companion app to use for Infinite Flight. I just love the simplicity and automation of everything.

Big things are happening for you. I cannot wait to see what’s in the store for the future of IF Checklists! :)


I’m going to buy the Plus version! Can’t wait to use it!


Awesome stuff! These new features really make a huge difference and it makes flying so much simple with the descent calculator, flap limits, weather etc and I don’t even need to leave the checklist to see these various things. I love the new voices aswell :)


Thank you for the kind words, everyone! :)

Don’t forget to leave a review on the App Store/Google Play if you enjoy the new update.


How much is the IF checklists +?

IF Checklists Plus is a $4.99 in-app purchase, though the price may vary depending on your location and currency.


Also, do you know if you can slide up on the checklist and put it on Infinite Flight on an iPhone instead of going back and forth or using 2 devices?

Hi, unfortunately split screen and multitasking does not work on iPhones, only iPads. Hope this helps answer your question.


Anyway we can use this app in game?

It depends on which device you are using.
If you are using an iPad, you can use Split Screen to use IF Checklists with Infinite Flight. To learn how to do so, just follow our short video tutorial. iPhones do not support Split Screen at the moment.

If you are using an Android device running at least Android 7.0 (Nougat), you should be able to use Multi-Window.

If you are using an Android running which cannot run at least Android 7.0 (Nougat), it is still possible that your device supports Multi-Window. To find out if your device is compatible and how to use it, just Google your Android device followed by multitasking or Multi-Window, as the compatibility depends on your manufacturer and software version.

Ahh i use Iphone sadly. But thanks anyway @Adrien :-)

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I use the app in three ways! 😉

On an iPad Pro in a slide-over:

On my phone:

On my second tablet:

Sorry for the photo quality. 😉


That looks awesome! :)

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This is spectacular.

I recently got back into using IF Checklists a little while ago, and with these upgrades I plan to purchase the plus version and leave a nice review. Thanks so much for your hard work!

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I downloaded IF years ago when it came out and have just got back into it and started the paid app. It has been total immersion since then and this just puts the icing on the cake. Thank you so much!

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Thank you for these positive comments! Happy to hear you’re enjoying the new update. :)

An amazing app, made by another small developer! Big things will happen when you apply effort and this app demonstrates this. I have bought the $8 Pro version, and if there was another way to continue to support you, I would. (Tell me is there is!). I have reviewed you on the App Store as well! Also, this topic is well made and explains us how the app works and why you should buy it; perfect marketing! I hope to see you continue to update this app to make it better.

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Thank you for making an Android app, really appreciate it as I have seen some developers neglecting the platform. Very useful additions that I will be using regularly 👍


I have it on my android s8+ and need to use it but need it to overlay how do i do it?