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Hi there IFC!! I was wondering that if I purchased IF Checklists Plus on my phone that it would work also on my IPad. Thanks

Yes it works!
I have try it!
If you have ICloud set on, you will be able to pass from one device to another.

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Sounds great! Thanks

Would you mind letting me know how to use the descent calculator (and specifically the FIX Altitude)

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You type your cruise altitude, fix altitude ie what altitude you want to get to and then your speed.

From that you get the top of descent and the Vertical Speed.

Hope this helps.

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Is the top of descent how far you are from the airport for example if my TOD was 8nm I would start descending 8 NM away from the airport

Yes that’s correct, if you put your fix alt at airport elevation or near that.

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Gotcha - thanks this has been very helpful

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No worries, if you have any other questions feel free to ask :)

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Thanks a ton!!

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Okey, so due as this was solved, I think it has to be close.
Good day to everyone.

Any question, feel free to ask here (As you do):

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