IF checklists app all mistakes pointed out

I have spotted more mistakes on the IF checklists app other than the F-22 pre-takeoff checklist , I will note them down bellow

  • Cargo and fighter planes with Cabin ready on the pre-takeoff checklist and approach checklist
  • The Cabin ready sign should be after the Landing lights (on) in the Approach checklist not at the last
  • There must be a Decent checklist and not just an approach checklist . Decent checklist consists of Briefing , Decent preps , fuel , weather , ATIS , seat belts , no smoking and landing lights AND cabin ready at the end. The approach checklist should have LNAV disengaged , Autopilot disengaged , flaps , trim , spoilers , gear.
  • There must be a FPV option or button or whatever to turn it on and off for takeoff and landing.
  • Pilots usually turn on Engine number 2 first or Engine number 4 first from right to left
  • In the Shutdown checklist Landing lights and strobe lights are already off because on the (after landing checklist) it says landing and strobe lights off which is correct but on the shutdown checklist it should not be there
  • on the shutdown checklist Beacon lights (OFF) should be before Navigation lights (ON)

@Adrien would be more than happy to take look at these to better his app. Adrien is the lead and only developer of this app and he works hard to make his app the best that it can be. Hopefully this will help him.



Thank you :) for helping.

You really thought about this!
Cool! πŸ™‚

I agree with some of your points. Others are just a matter of opinion, so calling them mistakes goes a bit far.

Instead of creating this topic, you should have posted this in the main IF Checklists topic. That’s what it’s there for. πŸ˜‰

You could have also contacted @Adrien directly.

I’m sure he will get back to you anyway though. πŸ‘


i have done that based on research , logic and knowledge.

Hey Shayan πŸ‘‹

Thank you for taking the time to report these issues, I really appreciate your help!
Some of the issues you reported are already fixed internally, and will be fixed in the next update. I have some questions regarding some of your points, and will get in touch with you shortly through PM. Thank you for your help!


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