IF Checklist is wrong

It says turn off fasten seat belt after 10,000 feet. Aren’t you supposed to turn it off when you start cruising

You may want to comment on the actual checklist thread vs making a new topic.


Ok noted. I will do that next time

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I think all of the flights I’ve been on they’ve turned the seat belts off around 10,000ft, unless there was turbulence.


For me they told us we can use our electronic at 10,000 and when we level off the seatbelt sign goes off

I’ve been on slot of flight that turn off seatbelt at 10,000 feet+

But they do advise you to keep seat belts on even tho they turn offed the sign…


I fly southwest and they always wait till cruising. But it my be different on different planes or airlines

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MaxSez: Most majors leave the decision to turn of the seat belt sign, when Met conditions permit, at the POC’s discretion,
Routinely level cruise is considered the optimum, situation depended. Most Majors in flight cabin instruction verbal & written recommend you keep them "harnesses. Buckled. Better safe than sorry! Fly smart & by the rules.

(Even the 172 POI says keep dem belts on)

And for easier identification of bodies strapped to their assigned seats.

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