IF Checklist Folder

Hey IFC!
I’m thinking about the idea of making a big folder full of IF checklists for every aircraft and maybe approach plates etc. Does sound like a good idea/more suggestions?
Here’s what I have so far:


Thanks a lot!


Hello!!! You do not have PDF? It would be nice.✌

You can’t post pdfs onto the IFC

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Yes, but you put a link like Google Drive to anyone who wants to download. This ensures print quality.


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I like your idea, but you can easily have checklists with many third-party apps.

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I always turn engine 2 on first unless if it’s a 4 engine aircraft or 3.

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This will be really helpful I always have a checklist that I do in my head and now that I have a paper it will be great so now I make sure I have everything completed

If only there was an app which had this all plus more in digital form… 🐒

IF Checklists by Adrien Zaradez


Pretty good list. One thing that stood out to me was No. 77. You do not request frequency change to tower. You establish yourself on the ILS, and approach will then hand you off to tower.

You have way to many request frequency changes on your list. Allow the controller to hand you off, don’t ask for it.


Lol, we thought of the same thing.

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Is that the proper (FAA or CASA) approved regulation?

Actually I’ve noticed that on Boeing you turn on 2 then 1

On Airbus 1 then 2

Not sure if this is a rule to follow but how I’ve understood, that’s the way to go.

For Boeing it is 3, 4 simultaneously then 1, 2 together

For Airbus 1, 2 at the same time then 3, 4 when it comes to multi-engine jets like A380

Don’t know if this varies between airlines or is just how each manufacturer wants airlines to do…?

I’d like to see something similar to this in the future, whether it’s intigrated into the app or a third-party software. Although, this specific checklist has a lot of redundancies + inaccurate procedures.

Are you publishing this in the App Store? Or rrrr

Ok so this discussion has gone off topic, my question was, is there anything in my checklists that I am missing and is there anything else I should add (I want to make a big folder for all IF stuff). I don’t want people showing off their checklists apps here (cough cough @Ondrej). Thanks a lot for your understand.

Each airline has their own engine startup procedures, some airlines even taxi only giving power to one engine to save fuel and $$$


Not a regulation, but SOP. Something with the “hear and not see”

Understood. Thanks for the clarification. Was quite unsure and confused myself 😅

Nope, #features is only for feature requests.