IF-Checklist app iOS

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/if-checklist/id1057013874?mt=8

  • “This app makes the Infinite Flight simulator a whole new experience through a realistic pilot checklist that provides flight requirements from start-up to shutdown. Expand your experience and knowledge as a simulator pilot with this app. It is applicable to all aircraft.”

  • New improved layout coming in next update.

  • More features coming in the near future.

PM me for support. Yes it’s limited ATM, but the future is bright.



Will it be available for Android at some point in time?

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I love what you have done! The layout does need a lot of improvement, as you said you will do. The logo needs improvement as well as it’s very pixelated. I will buy this app later today just so I can do my checklists, thank you!


Thanks! I’ll PM you a photo of the new layout, it’s completely redone. :)

Nice! It’s ashame it’s paid :(((


Not at all! He deserves every single penny, making apps are very hard and the developer deserves it! If you don’t want to pay, then it’s your loss.


Ok there’s no need to get stressy! I simply made a comment of what my opinion was as I’m entitled to do that!


It’s fine, but hard work is most times not free, so try to help the developer :)


One moment is that app that you can usa while playing the game??

Not yet, no. But you can try multi-tasking if that works.

Just purchased it! Great work.

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How long did this take you to make? and what code language did you script it in?

When I first saw this, it reminded me a lot of the LiveCode platform.

Just bought it sorry but 👎 I’d rather have had a can of Coke just my thoughts

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Keep in mind the app is in its early stages, he nearly put it out a while ago, and sure it needs a lot of improvements, but trust me, this app will be really nice in its further stages.


Ahh man you spoiled the mood by adding a price tag! Anyway looks like a cool app that is worth the money. I might buy it at some point ;)

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I’ll look forward to that hopefully it will get better

I’m not sure I like the interface. Something like this would be nice I think:


iOS update was released by Apple last night. It now has a more feasible UI and then I redid the whole app to add more realism. Go check it out today on the App Store, IF-Checklist

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