IF chat

Hi everyone

I didn’t find any slack team for a official IF chat group.

I decide to make one so we can all communicate via chat to help each other out and have fun and talk about aviation.

If you want to join the group please PM me and I would contact you to proceed with the process.


Event’s channel
Aircraft channel
ATC channel
Bad day channel (your complaints) (may be remove if no success)
Off topic
And more to come.


Perfect! Great idea! We can have private chats inside of slack also!

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There is already a discord (we even have @Carson in it 😄)


Pm me the details please @Benny87654321

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We don’t need this. This is why IF created a forum so we could help each other out or talk in PM etc.


Yes but IF as strick policy and also you can get flag and all that. Also in IF, you can’t get a phone notification like in slack,also I did not mind it to replace slack but you create a new way how to communicate about IF without going on the browser all the time.

Incorrect. You can get Email notifications that come straight to your device.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I was taking about a app notification and not a email one.

That’s ok.

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