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I’ve recently been in the process of rebooting a VA, and have contacted the airline (Porter Airlines) for permission to use their logos. Unfortunately we’re not allowed to use their logo in other pictures, and also we can’t have any images of the Dash 8 in Porter Livery on our website due to the logo being on it. Is there any way I could get some sort of ‘IF certification’ thing that says Infinite Flight was allowed to use Porter’s logo?

A lot of disclaimers had to be put onto the website to avoid any copyright infringement.

Here’s our website:

It is copyright law, and they have the right to deny you, FDS is a company with income with some more leway with copyright (Correct me if I’m wrong) but, if you put disclaimers, then it should be fine

Porter wants a ‘certificate’ or a statement from FDS saying that FDS are allowed to use Porter’s Livery on the plane.

That’s gonna be a little more difficult, but I’m sure if one of the staff would be kind enough to Grant you that, then you’ll be on your way


Yeah, hopefully one of the staff members are nice. I have high hopes in this VA and I’ll try my best to get all things sorted properly.

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Please send an e-mail to support@infinite-flight.com as it’s more relevant for these kind of inquiry.