IF Can't connect to the server

hello, since yesterday I’ve been trying to get into the IF, but I can’t, the message appears that “Infinite Flight can’t connect to the server (error code 7)” And here’s the list of what I did to see if I could fix this problem:
-restart the phone;
-clear cache;
-disconnect from wi-fi;
-use my operator’s internet;
-activate and desactivate airplane mode;
-change DNS;
contact my internet provider to see if there was anything on the network;
-even install on my other device and the same problem appeared. But nothing worked; please if anyone can help me I’ll be very thankfull!

Hello, it looks like you have tried various solutions with no luck. Error Code 7 will display when there is no WiFi or Cellular connection.

What country are you in and do you use a VPN at all? Have you tried resetting your device’s network settings?

I’m currently in Newark, USA and I’m not using any VPN, man, now I got confused because my internet is great, just now I was watching a video in my phone and it loaded normally.
And the worst thing is that I connected my internet provider and it checked if there was something and it was working perfectly, thing that was not supposed to happen

Yes i redefined both my device and router settings :(

I got this about 10 mins ago. Did a device restart and it worked fine. But you’ve done that so got no clue. Sorry man.

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Even so, thank you for trying to help me, man.

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