IF cam modeling glitch

When I move my camera around in ‘Normal mode’, it seems that parts of the aircraft change, depending on how I move it. Any solution?

iPad 9’ 2017,
iOS 12, latest IF update


What you see is the changes in LOD or Level of Detail. As you zoom in/out or change the angle of the camera, parts of the aircraft will load at and display at different qualities. This is how the developers have been optimizing the app for better performance. This was initially introduced with the CRJ 200 if I have my facts correct.


Ah, so this isn’t a glitch, it’s just for optimization?

Correct. You’ll notice color changes, changes in the shading, radar/communication antennae disappearing and stuff like that at certain camera angles. But when you bring the camera up to a more “normal” angle, you’ll notice these features make their debut again.


Okay, thanks. Feel free to close.

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