【 IF 】Busy transoceanic routes

These shots were taken at 14 May, 2021, On the way to Edinburgh. During the flight, I met many other flights. Here are some shots~

Flight: CYYR to EGPH ;
Aircraft: Air Canada B77W ;
Flight time: 4h30m ;
Flight level: 37000ft
Server: Expert Server ;
Callsign: FGS-0540

Especially thanks for the ATC of the day. @Eason_F

p1: @bneaviator Swiss B77W FL360

p2: @Maverick-1 FedEx B77F FL300

p3: @JAR B752 FL380

p4: @tekla_smith AAVA B77W FL370

p5: @Dominik Condor DC10 FL330

p6: @Unionpacific4006 KLM B772 FL380

p7: @n851tb2 KC10 FL360

p8: @JGrant639 AirFrance B77W FL360

p9: @Mark_Eatman Delta B772 FL360

I think, that’s the fun and the meaning of Infinite Flight.

During the flight, you will never feel lonely.

That’s why I love Infinite Flight~ (๑>؂<๑)


Jokes aside this was a really busy airspace, huh? I wish I was there lol


Amazing photos, I must have been busy as I didn’t see you but great shots!

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Thanks mate~ I’m glad you like that photo~

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Very nice pictures 💪🏽

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Cool pictures 😉

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thanks a lot ^_^

yeah ~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

I can hear the music from this picture lol…

@FGS-CFU-Andy these are great shots though!

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Just beautiful
Caught me sleeping on the job


Thanks, haha. What a coincidence lol 😂😂