If both runways are green, which do you cross?

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So I’ve seen some topics similar to this that are closed and I’m a bit confused about which runway you cross. If both sides of the airport runway are green which runway would you cross?

What do you mean cross? To get to the other runway?

Do you mean which one you takeoff from, or the one you call in to cross?

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Cross the active runway.


I meant like for example you in the middle of 06R and 24L and both ends of the runway are green. Which runway would you say your crossing

Cross the runway currently in use.

Yes. Which runway is in use?

Since both runways are green how would I know which runway is in use of there are no other planes at the airport

If it is solo, and you get to choose the weather… than choose the runway most opposite of the wind direction.

I meant on like expert server

Which runway direction do you plan to use?

Again, wind direction. Headwind is what you should land and takeoff in…which one is it?

Here is what I kinda meant. Let me know if this helps

Also this should be support, I think.

Call to Cross 24L.


Ok @Andre_S
I fly the globe usually so do you know if there is like a set rule about something like that about which runway you say your crossing?

I usually check on FlightRadar24 to see which runways are currently active, that are in use. Then I pick the runway best suited for my flight to takeoff from. Often times the runway the teal life flight takes off from. In KLAX mostly and basically always, for commercial flight, the inner runways 24L/6R and 25R/7L are used for take off. The direction mainly changes for the hour of the day to avoid disturbing the suburbs from jet engine noise at night.

Looking up how the traffic is behaving IRL right now via FR24 is a great way and a realistic one too to now which runway to choose to fly from and which one to call for to cross if you’re crossing a runway in a airport with multiple runways :)

Otherwise checking the where the wind is blowing is a another trick, often times go for headwind but there are many moments where the airport is still using a set of runways and the wind happen to change direction and the planes are landing and taking off in tailwind. So looking up IRL traffic flow is a good way to know.


If everyone or only you use 24 or 25s then call to cross those runways.
Also keep in mind that red runways don’t mean they are closed.
Request traffic advisories if you see aircraft at or around the airport when you are inbound.
Send traffic advisories if you are at the airport planning a departure


on expert, if its controlled, the runway #s in use will be listed in the ATIS (at all airports that offer an ATIS frequency, which is most of them), if not, again like everywhere else just refer to them by what direction you plan to use (if by yourself), or others are using.

@Captain_JR gave the best answer.

  1. Check with flightaware / flight tracker, to see what runways are in use in real life ( normally do that before I spawn),
  2. When spawned check to see what other traffic are using and use that.
  3. If you use fpltoif.com then the flight plan produced will also give you a guide on which runways to use
  4. In real life at KLAX, the 06/07’s are used in the early morning, but then switch to the 25/26’s.
  5. Take off normally from the inner pair of runways ( 25R 24 L) with landing normally on the outer pair (25L, 24R). Hope that helps?
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