IF Boeing 787-9 Trailer

Hi Guys

Here’s a Trailer I put together for the new -9 Dreamliner featuring most of the livery’s

Let me know what you think of this


Good! Needs a change of music though.


Very nice vid m8!!
Keep up the good work!

Its very nice video 👍 & It’s good to see Saudia first 😎 @elisua

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Try to use better music next time, and more use of video clips rather than photos ;)

I liked the music TBH, suits the video

I play IF on iOS so I don’t have screen recording

Do you have a Mac computer?

The problem with using basic iMovie video editing is it’s very basic and the music is just loops, I’d suggest downloading music off the interweb

Yes but I used iMovie on my iPad

Do you have a Mac computer? If you do, you can record videos on your iPad.

The iMovie on Macs is much more advanced. It’s nothing like Final Cut Pro, but it gets the job done

Yes, it is :-)

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