IF Bluestacks or iPad User Needed!

Hey everyone!

I have a big idea for someone who has more time than me and wouldnt mind spending money on another IF account possibly.

I am looking for someone who wouldnt mind streaming IF very similar to Information Zulu youtube but for IF. Running on bluestacks would be better as it will not take your device away from you. I would love to help you along with the process and set up some of the stuff for you.

Feel free to Dm me if you can or would like to assist with this!


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Yeah right, who cares about money!?

Just kidding Blake. Great idea and would be amazing to see all the arrivals live. I hope someone’s up for it!

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I do aswell! Its a big ask but if Ad revenue comes into play it may pay its self off but who knows!

It doesnt have to run 24/7 just like Info Zulu does so a sub may or may not be necessary.

Currently @Pingu, @Flightistic, & @Texan is taking a look at it to see if he could get it going but having more than one would be nice aswell :)

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Looks like @Flightistic is going to be able to make it happen!

This is going to be awesome so expect a thread coming from him soon when we get it all figured out!

This can now be closed!