IF blacks out and crashes when sharing fpl

Device: Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, running Android 9 with MiUI 12.0.1.
Happend during cruise, on approach to EDDP. I was changing a few waypoints, while doing so I unintentionally touched the share button. Popup came up with alle the apps to share. In the same moment IF in the background went completely black and crashed.
Unfortunately I had to kill the app manually in the task manager which means I wasn’t able to share any crash report.

Hey, sorry to hear about that. Does it happen consistently if you try and share a flight plan in different flights? Let me know if you get a chance to test it and I can try and find what’s going on

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I’ve tried to share my fpl on beta once and had no issues to export the file via Google Drive.
It was my first flight with stable 20.2 so fingers crossed this issue won’t persist. I will try to replicate this throughout the day and will report.

We did make some changes to how files are handled since the last beta build, so would be interested in finding out what is causing this. Thanks so much!

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