IF BETA testers

I feel like the IF team should add some ‘beta testers’ to help them with testing new aircraft and features. I just thought it would be cool if this was a thing, so I decided to make a feature request. Hope I get your vote!

“Beta is reserved for a closed group of users with experience that are hand chosen from staff that can be beneficial for the testing process with what they possess. There currently isn’t a public beta for Infinite Flight. Flying everyday won’t really get you anywhere I’m afraid. Do something to make them have to bring you onto the team!“

TL;DR They already exist ;)


No, I’m not requesting to be one, I’m just creating a request for them to add this feature.
Edit: Just saw your edit @Stellar_G


We currently do have beta testers actively testing Infinite Flight on a daily basis. Additionally, we do not accept direct requests to be an Alpha or Beta Tester. We also do not offer an open beta version of the app. Our team of testers all have unique skillsets and experience testing to help expedite the process from Development to Release. Thank you for your loyalty and business.