IF B737 Question

Just a quick question guys, does the B737 series have fuel dump? I’ve used them a little in other aircraft and thought every aircraft had them until I was 13% over my MLW and couldn’t find the fuel dump button so I did a bit of circling so yeah does the 737 have fuel dump and what other aircraft do/don’t have this capability?

Nope. No fuel dump.

No. It’s such a small aircraft that you just have to fly around to burn fuel.

It’s the same with the A320 family, 717 and more.

Ok, thanks @Kacey and @DiamondGaming4!

As the previous answers stated, no it does not. Narrowbodies like it don’t have the endurance to justify the extra system on board, so they chose to exclude it on the designs as they can just circle for a little while. Just thought I’d add a bit of context haha

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Thanks mate.

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just to add what everyone said, Fuel dump is add to the aircraft that have it IRL and the ones that don’t obviously haven’t got it.

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