IF_Aviation1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey guys! Here I will announce when I am open for patterns on the training server. Looking forward to re -gaining my ATC strength, and re-joining IFATC. Feedback is much appreciated!

Location: KADW
Status: CLOSED
Freqeuncies: Tower and Ground

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Coming now!

hippity hop. I’ll come by, practice landing.

Good job. Thanks for controlling everything looked good to me 👍

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Closing in 10

Came late @anon41771314, you will have to catch the next one. Sorry!

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It was all good! I was able to somewhat grease

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Every thing was good, I was about to do some test like entering from out of the airspace and test your runway change but you left


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Thanks everyone for stopping by! Hope to see you guys again sometime

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Just @ me for the next 🙂

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