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IF Auto Step Climb for Android


After about two weeks of losing braincells, I introduce you to Auto Step Climb for Android - a bare-bones, simple application that automates the process of step-climbing. And what’s more? It’s free!

So, what is it?

Auto Step Climb is a third-party application that uses the Infinite Flight Connect API to automate the whole process of step-climbing. It is still advisable that you remain with your device during climb, but this will help make this a little less hassle, especially those doing long-haul overnight flights.


I was quite curious in the Connect API and so I decided to experiment with it, after coming from web development which gave me enough understanding in how the API works. In addition, since IF-Assistant did not have this feature for Android, I thought why not make my own?


Follow the instructions here!

The reason for this is, due to me being under 18, I am unable to publish this application on the Google Play Store.

How it works.

Take a look at our Quick Start Guide

Frequently Asked Questions.

iOS Support?

The alternative for now would be to use IF-Assistant, which does have this feature available for iOS devices.

Thank you for reading! Please buy me a coffee to support my work, so I can launch more free applications for this lovely community.


  • @likeablegeek for the Connect API client that I used, ifc2. Absolute life-saver 🙏
  • My girlfriend for emotional support, after countless hours of debugging.
  • @Jan for comprehensive feedback findings that make IF-ASC less prone to bugs, and suggestions that will make its way into IF-ASC in future updates

Seems so cool but unfortunately I’m an iOS user

iOS support when? 👉👈


iOS doesn’t allow .apk downloads due to security reasons, you will either have to wait until Apple pushes a new release which enables the downloading from Unknown Sources, or wait until @safiyurrahman1 publishes it on App Store. From what I heard, it might come with iOS 17 but I’m not sure. I will read through the iOS 17 documentation and update you later on.


Thank you, kind sir.

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How to install it from git hub a lot of time I dont download things there lol

Simply amazing, it is an extremely useful feature for long haul flying

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Will jailbreaking devices bypass this

If you jailbreak your iOS, yes it will bypass, fortunately, .apk file downloading support will come in iOS 17


If I set for example FL170 to a waypoint, Will automatically climb to FL170? not working

  1. Yes, as long as autopilot is fully engaged, and when you are above your Minimum Activation Altitude, which is 10,000ft by default.

  2. Did you get a notification saying Connected to Infinite Flight! ?
    Also did you get a notification that says either: Waiting for... or Target Waypoint: ...?

I’m going to consider making a video tutorial in how to use this.

Nevermind I tried again and now working succesfully!

Great to hear! Have a safe flight. :)

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took me three attempts to get it to work and i love it

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That’s good.
There’s a new update that’s gonna be rolled out quite soon, and a wiki is in the plan!

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it somehow only connected after i took off

It sent you the “Connected to Infinite Flight” notification after takeoff?
If so, hopefully the upcoming update may fix it.

i used to start it shortly before pushback and it never connected. on my third attempt i decided to start it after takeoff and then it worked

UPDATE! v1.2.0 has been released!


  • Bug fixes.
  • Maximum vertical speed feature added.
  • A disclaimer added prior to activating the tool
  • Users can now choose to limit connections to IF to the device IF-ASC is running on.
  • App version in title so it’s easily identifiable.
  • Updates infrastructure in place so updates can be rolled out faster.

To get this update, you must uninstall the current version you have now, and follow the instructions stated in the download link in the now-edited post. This is due to technical reasons due to the technology used to build this app.

Those who want the technical reason

I had to make a change to the native code which expo-update cannot update for me, so I had to rebuilt with a new runtimeVersion and all that joy that comes with it.

New features to come up in future updates.

  • Better support to those who like to have IF-ASC display over IF.
  • Those running Android 13 and above: prompt a permission request for notifications. For now, you should manually allow notifications.
  • Alert to warn user of automatic activation.
  • Button in notification to pause/resume IF-ASC, if possible?

ill edit this section later

(thank you so much @Jan )
Feel free to share your questions, and I’ll be happy to answer :)

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maybe I’ll give this a go later on today

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Waiting on IOS 17 so I can download it on Apple devices ;)

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