IF ATC train

What is ATC session reports

That tells you how many times you’ve reported aircraft during your session controlling. That would only be available controlling on Expert server.

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Can a ATC be reported in training server

No, that is not possible.

Why can’t they

Cause all controllers on training server can be anyone. Training server is an environment for people to learn, including ATC part. Controllers there can vary for their skills to control. Some may not be the best. Therefore, it is about practicing and learning. Reporting the controllers would ruin that. In addition, being able to report controllers could be highly abused. So, ultimately, Training server is just a place for people to learn flying/controlling.


So even if I click wrongly messages I can’t be reported

Yep, that is correct!

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How about on expert

Pilots also cannot be reported on training then

That is different. As controller, you can’t be reported, but you are expected to control up the standards that is set. If abusing/not controlling properly, there could be consequences on you, but that all depends on what you do. However, you can report pilots, but should not be reported without a proper reason.

Yep, it’s all just a place to learn for pilots and ATC!

Ok how about violations can you get them on training server

Controllers on expert are monitored and given feedback regularly. As a pilot you can contact any controller to provide them feedback on the forum because their username in-app matches what they use on the forum. If there is enough negative feedback a controller may be retrained and/or retested but they usually are capable of taking on any feedback they receive and adapting.


You can get violations on the training server, however they are only system induced (automatic) for things like overspeeding, staying idle on a runway for too long, taxiing too fast etc. The system will recognize if you are breaking any of these limits and will then give you a warning that you are about to get a violation. If you then correct your mistake you should be fine but if you stay outside one of the limits for too long (15 seconds I believe), you will get a level 1 violation.

As for ATC and human induced violations: You will not get them on the training server. ATC can’t report you for anything. This for me personally was a huge relief as I realized I could now practise with my ATC comms skills without having repercussions for being inexperienced and making the inevitable beginner mistakes.

Before you hop on expert I strongly recommend you to read the user guide (especially ATC communication) very thoroughly! Then do regular practise sessions on the training server hopping from one busy airport to the other (I always did EHAM-EGLL) where you can use the things you learned from reading the user guide and apply them in a flight where you are as professional as possible. Good luck with this.

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