Hi, Happy 2022! I used to be part of the ATC team several years ago, but stopped playing for a while and now that I’m retaking the pace, I’d like to be part of the team again, but I see too many changes now, so I’d like to practice/study them so I can reapply. I’d greatly appreciate your help! Gracias :)


If you would like to join back you can apply using this link Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting



It’s great to see that you’re interested in re-joining the IFATC and I’m positive that we would love to have you back!

You are correct in saying there has been multiple changes since you where probably in IFATC last. I’ve linked below some useful topics for you, to hopefully assist you in gaining a better understanding of what has and hasn’t changed:

I also recommend taking a look through some of the tutorial videos on Infinite Flight’s official YouTube Channel as well, as these can be of great assistance.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Look forward to seeing you back on the team soon!


Thank you so much! Look forward to being part of the team again. Will check these out and apply when confident to do so!


No worries mate. Best of luck in the application process!

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How do I become TL1 so I can apply?

Just continue contributing to the forum as normal, and you’ll be promoted by the system.

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Thank you, buddy

And just like that, you’re already TL1 (basic user).

Hope to see you in the IFATC team soon!

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Thank you! See you in the team soon and hope we get to control together :)

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