IF ATC Question

I’m mainly a pilot for the sim but would also like to become atc for expert. I sometimes do atc for training server but everyone is half awake and can’t follow instructions. I know I don’t have the experience for expert but I would sometime like to join. Any tips, people to contact etc…


It’s great to hear that you want to join IFATC!

Please read through this thread below for more details, including some tips on how to prepare, and the requirements for joining:

Here’s some good tips from the section “How Do I Prepare?”:

1. Review the Infinite Flight ATC Manual where you’ll find all official ATC procedures.

Infinite Flight ATC Manual

2. Take a practice test!

ATC Practice Test

  • Subjects Evaluated: Tower & Ground
  • Questions: 15
  • Time Limit: 20 Minutes
  • Pass/Fail: No passing score, % only
  • Password: No Password Required
  • Information Required: First/Last Name & Valid Email Address
  • Upon completion of your ATC Practice Test you will receive an automatic email with your score, test questions, correct answers, and a percentage for each category to identify areas of improvement.

3. Watch the IFATC YouTube Tutorials!



You can also create an ATC Tracking Thread! This will also help you get more practice in. IFATC Members will join and give you feedback aswell. This really helps sharpen your skills!

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