IF-ATC.com Website

As the IFATC team grows we needed a way to move away from virtual sticky notes to an online database integrated with the IF system. Introducing the new if-atc.com website!


  • Currently open frequencies and controller.
  • Easily see the current D-ATIS of open airports.
  • Searchable online directory linking the controller’s display name to their IFC name.
  • Detailed controller stats.
  • Link to the ATC Manual
  • And more…


The recruiting process will change slightly to incorporate an online application to facilitate and organize the application process. More information can be found on the recently updated Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting topic.

The recruiting process itself will remain the same. However, behind the scenes the recruiters and trailers have a more organized place to keep track of their active recruits.

Thank you to everyone who helped test to make this a reality. I hope you find the site useful and maybe it will help you on your journey to IFATC.


Detailed and to the point. Looks great Chris!

(And of course great work to anyone that helped make it)

I’m liking it. Me also likes cookies

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Stunning! Great job Chris (and everyone who helped)!

Super helpful website that I’ll definitely use!

It works way better than this website that I used before

The public side is only 1% of the website. The bulk is behind the scenes to track session schedules, recruits, test, controllers, etc.


Thats really cool! I’m liking it!

Well I still think that the old one is still great

Thank you Chris! I can see this going very far. You have completely reshaped IFATC with everything you do and this is a stand out one of those contributions! I’m absolutely loving the daily access to stats, accessible controller directory, and all other available resources on the new site. A job very, very well done!

This is awesome and will be so useful! Hats off to you Chris! Yesss now you can search up controllers in the directory instead off having to scroll all the way through! That is great!

Cign :)

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I like this 🙂

The new website is amazing!

Great work Chris and those that helped out! This really helps take IFATC to the next level in regards to better servicing the community, as well as continued support for the IFATC family to continue to learn and get better!


Jokes on you an ad played first

But seriously this is an amazing website, Chris. Great job on it to you and others I must say 🙌


I just have one question, could the line-height in the css be a little higher since for me it’s kinda hard to read

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Very nice website! This will be very useful for people who get reported as they will no longer need to post topics in order to find their controller. I also really like how you see the overall stats of the IFATC team.

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Thanks. It started out being for ATC training and then it evolved to tracking controllers and then recruiters. So it has evolved over time… Much like most projects do.


Awesome - thanks Chris!

Very useful, new, website, thanks Chris!

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Nice useful website…thanks!
… great job chris!