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Hello everyone. I had decided today so make the purchase of IF Assistant to make my flying experience on Infinite Flight more realistic. However, since downloading the app, I have been experiencing audio problems in-game. Everyone 20 seconds or so, the audio cuts off for 2 seconds and then comes back again. This is quite irritating for me. If anyone has ever had this problem and had found a resolution, please let me know :)


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Is it the same on an Apple device?

Unfortunately not, i couldnt find for apple but will look more.

Ok, thank you:

Strange. haven’t heard of anyone having an issue like this on an Apple device. Which device is it? Which iOS version do you have?

It happened to me a few weeks ago. It just kept saying “spoilers extended, spoilers retracted” over and over again, and I didn’t even touch the spoilers. Then few minutes later the PA starts and was cut off a few seconds later. I was planning my flight on my ipad the whole time and didn’t touch anything on the phone that the game was running, and both apps had a fresh start before this happened. It went back to normal the next day.

It’s alright, I had to turn my iPad all the way off and re-install. Thank you though 👍🛫

I got the same problem on ipad. It cant help even I delete and reinstall the IF assistant. Low battery mode in the IF is closed.

I believe this topic belongs under third party, also, I don’t know how to fix that sorry.

@epaga… MaxSez: Not a IA problem. Previously Rptd. Sulley working on it.
Warm Regards, Max

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Hi. I do not know if that’s the right place to speak that. I just wanted to make an appeal. I’m the Brazilian use the Android and I am IF Assistant user. No. To release the other options have to pay off, but I’m to be very expensive every option for R 15.99 Reais. The total will release all options and R 592 Reais😢. And it’s very expensive, especially for anyone using Android. It would be more viable to be made the package of all options for 150.00 to 200.00. I hope it’s better to price it for us. I think it’s not just I think that. Thank you so much if you can do anything to make it possible to get more accessible.

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