IF assistant

Friend I searched and did not find it. wanted to know if the Application works on a separate device.

What device are you using with what software?

I use Ipad 2 mini and wanted to know if it works on different device like Infinite passagers.

So you want to run both IF Assistant and IF PAX on the same device?

I think you do not understand. I just emailed infinite passagers as a reference that it works using a separate device. I want only IF assistant

So is your question can you run IF Assistant on a separate device than the one you are flying on?

yes! that’s exactly what I want to know.

I don’t think you can, but @epaga, the IFAssistant developer, can give the best answer.

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I was wondering if there is ever gonna be like just say for the assistance that if there is a different language like jefani the flight attendant can speak Spanish

Answer is no! It’s only run on the same device.


Thank you very much for your attention.

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