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I’m currently in a dilema on wether I should buy the Voice Commands add on for IF Assistant. I’m worried my voice won’t be recognized as I don’t have a strong mid-western accent. Thoughts?

There’s voice commands for IFAssistant!?
Also, I assume that it will use similar technology to google translate so you can just test by speeking into google translate or google doc’s speech to text. If that doesn’t work just try your best to sound like a brainless person from California. :)

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@First_Officer_Lee, try the in-app voice test feature to see if it works for you.

I think that it would work with any voice you can test voice commands in the app and if it doesn’t work just contact the developer

If it doesn’t work right, your accent isn’t recognised and there is nothing the developer can do.

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“Worried about your voice !!”
Like what do you mean … what words do you said ?

I meant that my voice isn’t too midwestern

Nothing appears on the screen when I do voice test, can you try to show me an image of what it should look like?

In the COMMANDS there is a voice test

I just realized, the voice test wouldn’t work because I did not allow microphone access

I don’t know if this is off topic or if I should go ahead and make a new topic but I’m currently trying to decide between paying for the audio packs in InfinitePassenger or just getting IF Assistant. Which would y’all recommend I get

I haven’t actually tried IFPassenger yet

It’s not as useful as IF Assistant but you still get the cabin callouts and announcements, safety briefing and all that and v speed call outs But you don’t have voice commands in the free version from what I’ve seen

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