IF Assistant VNAV Not Showing FPL While Testing 20.2

So I use IFA’s vnav for step climbing while I’m asleep, and I noticed since testing 20.2 that it does not show the flight plan when I go to Flight Alerts/NAV. I am also testing IFA, however it still is problematic when I just went to stop testing it. There shouldn’t be a difference since a flight plan is a flight plan, right? I didn’t have this issue until I started testing 20.2.

I seem to have it. I don’t know, you might walk to PM the developer or email them on their business email.

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@epaga is the person you want to go to.

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Your sure it’s connected? Restart the app really quick mid-flight and the re-enter it

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I am connected, but I did already try that regardless.

Connected to Infinite Flight! You’re all set. Have a great flight!

If you get a phone call or enable siri while it’s activated, it will de-activate.

Usually to check if it’s still enabled, I will turn flaps down one notch and back up to see if I get a callout

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I use spoilers, not flaps, and I am getting the “flight spoilers extended”, also I have facetime audio and facetime as well as discord calls disabled on my ipad, and the only way to enable siri is to press on the power button for a few seconds, which is something I would never do.

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Does your FPL consist of actual waypoints or just a SID/STAR.

From here, I’d contact @epaga

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I already tagged him, let’s hope he doesn’t get annoyed from a double tag.


Flight plan was manually typed out from here
it does include a sid and an approach (the BAYA(N)1E STAR is missing from IF)

Are you on the latest version of the beta?

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Just realized, it only happens when I fly out of NZAA (attempted it 3 times and all 3 it showed no fpl)… it has worked on long hauls even after 20.2 open beta.


Welp I’m all out of ideas. When Epaga wakes up he can probably assist you more than us.

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There seems to be an issue with VNAV.

Thanks for reporting it.

Next time please report it in the app’s topic, so it will get seen quicker.

That’s also the place where any news about fixes and updates will be posted.


The first time I did a long haul on beta test of 20.2, I was able to assign VNAV through IF’s Assistant however it did not work. I flew at the same altitude the whole flight. It has been working since then, but I overflew on accident for my most recent flight and was too tired to finish the one before that as I had overflown that one as well. 😔

Yup that’s what I’m seeing, and I’ll be sure to put any issues there next time. Thanks!

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Sorry for the delay in responding, I’ve been very preoccupied with my other app SmoothTrack.

I can confirm this is an issue. IF’s API has changed in 20.2, so I’m going to need to swap over to the new one to get IF-A’s VNAV working again. Planning on doing that soon(ish).


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