IF Assistant Question

Hey IFA users I’ve got a quick question. I am wanting tone able to use the step climb feature, or whatever it is. But I don’t have this on android. Is that why? is it not available for android yet, only apple?


I believe it is an optional feature that requires additional purchases. Additionally, the feature doesn’t seem to be working since 22.1 due to some API changes from what I understand. Therefore, this tool will most likely not work for the time being.

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Ok, ive had it since before, but never saw it. Gonna have to look.

Actually, I just checked, and it might be that it even is free. On my iPad it can be found under More → Alerts/NAV. It may be free, but I am pretty sure about it not working for the moment from what I read on the IFC

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Thats the thing, I cannot even see that option. Also, I’ve bought every add-on.

IF assistant doesn’t work now?

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No, we’re only talking about the VNAV function that made it possible to have VNAV during climb as well


Hm, I am not too sure. I have IFA on my Android phone as well, but I can’t check atm. Maybe someone else can clarify if this feature is available to Android users as well

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Unfortunately that feature isn’t available in the Android version at the moment.

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So IF assistant is basically hacks for IF? lol
I’m thinking about getting it.

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Welp, thays unfortunate. Cant wait till its added!

Hi @epaga How are you? After the last update I noticed that the app instead of picking up each I did. It’s compiling departure, arrival and approach procedures.

I’ve been having the same issue since they launched the hotfix a couple of weeks ago. It’s been acting super weird around the VHFs as well. A few screenshots attached.

I tried reaching out to @epaga on Twitter, but he’s not responsive. I haven’t seen any reaction from him here either. Super awkward, since we’re paying customers.
Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.

He’s pretty busy anyway, but when he catches the problem. He always resolves. It is only important that we notify the problem that in a few days he sees it and it will be solved, but his report of the problem is the same as mine Mario.

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I can only praise his development skills. IF-A has brought magic to my IF experience.
Fingers crossed @epaga will have time for to this issue soon.

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Epaga to me is a genius. His work is magnificent. As it had this IF update it ended up misconfiguring, but it will soon be fixed. Take care Mario!!!

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Epaga is aware of the issue.
He will address it as soon as he is able to.

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Program Crash at touchdown.

Ipad ( 8th) 15.4.1
IF 22.2
In-Flight Assistant Testflight 2.0.1

Any Ideas ?

It happens sometimes.
Haven’t been able to find a consistent repro.

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2 in a row, bad luck.