IF Assistant Question

Hey IFC,

I recently switched devices and was required to make a new Apple ID account for this new device. I have successfully used family sharing to get all of my purchases back except one.

I am unable to restore my sound pack purchases. Before anyone asks yes I did purchase them and yes I do have the IF assistant app installed.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Have you clicked the “restore purchases” icon? When I reinstalled IFA, all mine came back except one and when I did that, it worked :)


Yep! I tried pressing the restore purchases icon but nothing happened. I deleted then re-installed the app to try again and the issue persisted,

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Alright. Wait for @epaga to come by and help you :)

He is founder of IFA. I tagged him so he’ll see this.


Thanks a lot for the help and the tag!


Just so happened I had just then taken off on a two week family vacation. :-) The “restore purchase” button sometimes has had issues. But all the in-apps are “one-time only” purchases, so if you simply try to purchase them again with the same(!) iTunes account it should say “you’ve already purchased this do you want to get it again for free?” You could try that.

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