IF assistant not working

As IF updates to 23.2 i noticed that the IF assistant does not work anymore like it used to do earlier before the update.

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For this you will need to download the beta for that app due to the API changes. Epaga should be releasing rtm soon, but this will help for now:

Thanks its working now

Good morning guys! This morning I updated in version 2.04 and realized this. I recorded to know if this problem is known. I took two flights and the same thing happened.

Note: the video is 1:28 but what I wanted to show is until 0:36

IF assistant keeps on disconnecting even though i downloaded the beta version

Known issue with In-Flight Assistant - temporary solution is to not use the speed function above FL280.

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Nothing even works in the ground

Don’t download the beta version - the version in the App Store now works fine with 23.2.

I downloaded the official one, but it’s good that it is known.

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