IF assistant not working with my flight plan

i want to do a flight from egll to rjtt, i am using sids and stars, i want to step climb but no flight plan is showing when i press ‘alerts/nav’ any way to fix this?

Try loading up IF, filing your fpl then opening IFAssitant.

This could be a problem with IFAssitant as the app may not be able to read the new flight plan format as the old one was all normal text and this is divided into sections when using SIDs and STARs etc.

Try doing a test flight with no SIDs STARs etc. and if that works with IFA then we have found the problem.

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This was already mentioned, both in a separate topic and in the app’s original topic.
Please search before posting.

This is an API issue and will be fixed in an upcoming IF update.


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