IF-Assistant not displaying flight plan

Hey guys,

After 20.1, it seems that IF-Assistant will not display my flight plan in app, meaning I cannot step climb. If anyone else it having this issue or knows how to fix it, please send help. Thanks.

P.S. My device is a IPad Mini 4 on the latest IOS and IF-A and IF are both up to date.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

I’ve let the developer know and am looking into it as well.

Thanks for reporting this.

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Thank you for your quick response

I have the same, i will probably have to climb manually. I’m guessing its got confused with VNAV? I am expecting some sort of hotfix later on

I tested it earlier and everything was working.
We’re trying to find out what changed.

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Happended to me last night but when I got in the air it was working again

Wait, IF assistant shows your fpl too? Can I get some info?

It does!

Check out the original app topic linked on the posts above.

It’s called Alerts/NAV.

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