IF Assistant/ In-Flight Assistant Bug

doing a routine flight actually just started from Luxembourg to Hong Kong on a 747-800. While climbing through FL100-FL200, resuming through FL270-FL??? as it is on going and to heavy to climb, the assistant kept repeating the phrase “Hey there captain, ready when you are.” The app itself still working in the background as i retracted flaps or any other necessary thing. Infinite Flight itself seemed unaffected. Is this normal or not? in my year+ having paid for everything I haven’t experienced an issue but would love to have my paid product to work.

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That may be your device closing the app to save ram. Try to make it an unmonitored app on the settings

I thought I had done that before on my current device but you might be right considering I just got out from around EDDF airspace and it seems to have chilled out now.

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maybe it isn’t saving ram as much as it may be running out of it perhaps since i can see the traffic of all the airports still so idk?
It is still going on and off.
I probably need to get rid of my long haul replays I need to remember to clear those out.

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Hey, @Jan or @epaga can help.

Please report your issue on either of the following threads depending on your device. If you have an IOS device go to this thread.

In-Flight Assistant (iOS): V-Speed Update 1.8 Is Out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

The Android thread has been closed so you can contact them via PM or wait for them to reply here now that i have tagged them for you if you have an Android device

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Same Problem here. When I connected IF Assistant my passengers just claped the whole time

thank I will wait for the reply as I am Android thank you.

Hi there!

“Ready when you are” is only being triggered upon first connection.
When you hear that message repeatedly, it means something is shutting down In-Flight Assistant and the app is trying to get back to its normal state.

Since an app can’t shut itself down, it’s most likely the OS doing that.

Android has been known to cause issues because it tries to shut down apps.

Did you check the Android topic to see if the settings to not have both IF and IF-A monitored in terms of battery usage could be a solution?

If so, first things first…

  • which device are you using?
  • which Android version are you using?
  • which security update is installed (date)?
  • any recent updates?
  • is In-Flight Assistant up to date?
  • did it used to work fine before?
  • did anything change?
  • anything else that might have contributed?
  • are there any other apps active?
  • do you use game mode, set to either Best Performance or Best Battery Consumption?

When you could answer these questions, we could try to get to the bottom of this.


I’m on the Moto Z4
System updated on 17/4/2020 to system QDF30.130-42-1 Android 10
IF Assistant is up to date
It worked fine before without issues even in heavy traffic
possibly having long replays on storage may also have affected performance
No other apps are active
I don’t use any sort of game mode except no notifications which never affected it before.
It also seems to start to go off once it gets close to the ground and starts loading in all the textures even if no one is there even though it was fine during cruise and multiple steps near a handful of aircraft.

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@Jan does this help at all?
I can not find an android topic either.

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I had this problem too at one point, then I realized @Skyler.Cooper was in my discord call

well i’m not running anything but those two apps of IF and IF Assistant and I haven’t gotten any assistance really on fixing it so even though I spent a decent amount of money on it my sanity is worth more than the assistance they are supposed to provide with it so i’m going to fly without it until they help me out.

Hey guys - @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 sorry you’re having issues here…just to confirm, does this issue happen every time for you - and this is even though you set it to an unmonitored app?

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It does happen every time since this most recent update but sometimes at random during the flight. I am currently flying without it as I am writing a term paper while flying but i have used it in high and low traffic and continues to persist even after I checked all the parameters I could think of on my end.

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Which update do you mean? IF, IF-A, or your Android version?

Android on the Moto Z4 updated to Android 10 two days ago or so. After checking through what I can on my end maybe something is no longer compatible that I don’t understand yet as none of the past updates caused an issue for me.

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Please try this:

moto z4 - Turn Power Saver Off

  1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access all apps.
  2. Navigate: Settings > Battery .
  3. Tap Battery Saver .
  4. Tap TURN OFF NOW.
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I have done those before starting my recent flight and still acted up.

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As you can see at http://dontkillmyapp.com there are MANY issues with Android devices shutting down background apps. When you hear it repeat that phrase it means your device keeps shutting down IF-A to save power. You’re going to have to figure out how to get your device to not do that.

Sad to say, it’s not an issue of my app but rather of Android blindly shutting down background apps (only to reopen them again since they’re registered as background apps 🙄).

So I have to fix it myself? I guess I’ll let you know if it suddenly works one day.