IF assistant help

Do you know how to fix this ? 😭😭 Its dame thing i used IF assistant & Passenger assistan IF 😭

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Sign out of the Play Store, and sign back in. Then check back here, and tell me if it has worked.

You can do this by heading to Settings > Account and Sync, then tap on the one that is used for the Play Store (it will be a Google account)

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Its stil cant work :(

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Hmm. Try deleting the app, shutting down the device, then turning it back on and reinstalling it. It seems to be an issue with your account, so by switching of the phone, you are clearing any cache that may be conflicting.

Ok , thanks i will try .

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If your troubles continue, I would like to let you know that @epaga is the person to contact as he is the IF-Assistant developer.

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Its stil can work

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Hmm. I recommend you contact the developer, @epaga, as @TRDubh said. I cannot think of anything else to try.

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Thankyou so much for your suggest

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try to clear the cache for the Play Store app.

Depending on your phone, it’s normally under Settings > Apps.

Here, find Google Play Services in the list. Tap on it, then tap on Storage.

On my phone there’s a Clear Cache button on the bottom, not sure about yours.

Other option to do this is to tap and hold on the Play Store App icon and select App info. Here find storage, then select Clear Cache.

I hope this will help!


Hey guys, hope you’re all well! First off, my apologies for such a late reply. Since the IF apps are just side projects for me, they have had to take the back burner during this crazy coronavirus phase.

Thanks for helping out @Jeno_Farkas @rebal15 @TRDubh - this does seem like a Play Store issue. Is it all working for you now @FOO_ANDREW ?


Good to see you John, hope things improve soon.

I don’t know what Passenger Assistant is. Might be Passenger Announcement section of InFlight Assistant!

Anyway, I’m using InFlight Assistant & InFlight Operations simultaneously with no issues. I don’t use Infinite Passengers though.


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