IF ASSISTANT disconnecting with huawei

Operating system:

Hello everyone, I don’t know if this topic is a duplicate, but I’m having disconnection problems in IF assistant with my huawei nova 5t, does anyone know how to contact them directly?

IF assistant is a third party app, so this should be under third party. IF support can not fix the problem.

Kstate thanks, I already corrected it.

You’re welcome @epaga is the developer.

I somehow remembered last minute lol

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Hey there! Has this been happening for a while or only since the latest beta update?

It’s been happening since I change it from Samsung to Huawei

Were you able to find settings to exclude apps from battery and memory management, which is probably killing background apps?

I used Google to find the following links which might help:


I already tried everything mentioned and it still does not work, it starts working and after 2 min if assistant is deactivated

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