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I plan my flights with fpltoif and use IF Assistant to do all of the step climbing for me.
On a peculiar flight it planned to climb from FL290 to FL370, as expected IF Assistant adjusted the ALT.
What wasn´t expected was the vertical speed, 5000FPM I tried manually lowering it although IF Assistant would just reset it to 5000FPM. I ended up stalling but recovered and manually set alt and climb.

Does anybody have any insight on how IF Assistant Autopilot works? Its the first time ive experienced this. Is there a way to adjust IF Assistants climb rate?

Hi, what I usually do is to make sure that the distance to the next waypoint on your fpl is far enough away so as to not climb too steep and also the descent should be ok let me know

following @Harold_Lantos comment, if you follow the same waypoints as on FLPTOIF then there shouldnt be a large gradient, however worth noting that it is not normal to go direct from 290 up to 370. Thats an increase of 8000ft! Normally increase on a step climb are no more than 2000ft at a time!

might be worth gaving a recheck of the data that was given on your Flight plan…

@Chris_S is the developer of the FPLTOIF.com so might be able to advise if that was rouge data or not that gave the step climb of 8000ft as a single step climb!

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The VNAV feature is great.
It is also very simple. It’s not an FMC or other automated system.
It just tries to reach the set altitudes. It’s limited to a VS of 5000, but that’s all.
There are no safeguards.

When set incorrectly, you will get speed violations and the aircraft could even stall.

So be sure to carefully check all values for each waypoint.

Like any system, it’s meant to be monitored.
When something goes wrong, either disengage NAV or delete the specific value for the specific waypoint.

Oh, next time, please post in the main app topic, so it will be seen right away. 😉


Since moving over to the iPhone from android and repurchased the new Infinite Assistant I noticed this new feature.

But I’m worried that after starting the game and inputting the flight plan then leave it to go to assistant to set the vnav that it will boot me off the server and end the flight.

On my old android tablet it would do it or at the very least never reconnect to the IF servers.

It would be really cool if you could import your flight plan from the FPLtoIF.com to Infinite Assistant to set the VNAV then start the game

Thanks for the explanation, great help. =)

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I havent had that problem on apple, Im using an iPad

I’m also assuming that when I do this other players only see my aircraft appearing and disappearing and my parking spot could potentially get spawned into while I’m setting VNAV. Then I look like the moron that spawned on top of someone

that is a possibility, what I do on the iPad is I multiscreen the assistant. Not sure if its available on iPhone

That’s a hell of a step climb-if your initial was 290, it should’ve been FL310 then 330/350/370-NOT FL290 to FL370 immediately.

As for the steep climb, the waypoints were too close together. IFA vnav currently has no “look-ahead” it can only see that you’re at A altitude at B waypoint and you want to be at X altitude at Y waypoint-if those waypoints are too close together whether it’s climbing or descending, you’ll get the +/- 5000fpm vertical speed to attempt to get you there. Likewise with waypoints further apart, IF-A will Set an extremely low VS to get you to your altitude RIGHT AT that waypoint. If not used properly as Jan says-it can be a violation making machine.

Yeah, I was lucky to be present and take control of it. I later checked my flight plan and it actually wanted me to climb at a rate of 7500fpm. Since then ive double checked the values.

You could PM @epaga about this as he is the developer and will do anything to help!

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