IF Assistant audio issue

Hello all so when I use IFA the sound transfers from coming from the regular speaker of my iPhone 6smto the telephone speaker which is barely audible. I was wondering if I made a mistake or if it is a issue. (The app works perfectly just the sound is a issue)

Could it be you somehow have the phone muted or something? That doesn’t normally happen… try rebooting your phone if all else fails.

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I have tried everything it keeps happening. I have rebooted my phone numerous times. I just use headphones to make it louder but I would like to have it fixed or find a solution. If possible

What is your volume settings in the app?

@epaga I have a similar issue when I use IF-A with my iPhone XS Max. The IF volume goes WAAAY down and to one side iirc and the IFA volume does the same. I think it’s got something to do with speaker setup/left right audio.

I usually use headphones to fix the issue. Brings the volume right on up.

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Is the volume normal w headphones? If so, it may be the way the apps route the audio if I remember one of John’s posts about “how IF-A works”

Yeah it’s perfectly fine with headphones

Yup, I know it’s the middle of the night for John. But I suspect it’s the way the audio is routed. I’ll make a video for John and send it to him. The headphones may be the only fix.

I had this issue with iPhone 7. If you don’t want to use headphones, turn off “Voice Command “ in IFA. That will route the audio to iPhone speakers. The downside is you must change any flight settings yourself, instead of asking copilot to accomplish the task.

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Ah ok I will try that thanks so much for the help

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Ah, yes - Voice Commands requires headphones or a headset of some kind to work well anyways, since otherwise the microphone will pick up the Infinite Flight sound (in fact even the co-pilot callouts will then register as commands). Hope this helps! Thanks GBIRD.


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