IF app not opening - takes ages loading

Hello and happy 22.8! Awesome update as always (🙂) but sometimes seems to be wrong. Since the new update came out yesterday, when opening the IF app it just keeps loading and is not opening. Yesterday it opened and I did one flight but right now I’m still waiting for IF to load. A few minutes earlier IF opened but when I was about to spawn at an airport it kept loading and now IF is not opening at all. Am I the only one having this issue or is it common ? Any support will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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This has been fixed in a recent hotfix.
So make sure that you’ve updated to the most recent version available in Play Store :)

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Alright thanks for letting me know. I heard it’s rolling out on Android first, so I’ll just wait until the hotfix reaches iOS. Is it just the aircraft downloading that causes the issue or is it generally IF ? Because like I have mentioned, when opening the IF app it’s not even loading the home screen

You’re on iOS?

Sorry to say but we have not seen any reports of that on iOS devices.

However, it can definitely be slower. But it shouldn’t be so you have to wait an eternity.
Have you tried some basic things like device restart?

My device was actually turned off and I turned it on not too long ago. But will try restarting once more. Also there are some very small frame rate interruptions sometimes. Isn’t the hotfix coming to iOS also ?

There was no issue on iOS.
When we found the root cause, we tested the loading time we could reproduce which was 100 times higher on Android than on iOS.

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I have this loading problem too, I use an iPhone XR, many times when entering the application it has the screen off for a while and after opening it, in addition to low fps in emptier places, lags can be noticed

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I had some issues on IOS, where it just never loaded (it got stuck like at 93% or something), so I restarted my app and then it started working again

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Oh ok I see. Thanks again for clarifying. Actually I have the newest existing iPad model, the iPad pro 5th generation, which I bought only a few months ago. Is it still running that slow on such a new device even if it’s a new device/model ?

Yes I see - it’s a general iOS issue then. Maybe a good solution would be to get a new device - an android device. But the question in this case would be: if I change from Apple to Android (from app store to Google play store), would there be any possible way to transfer/keep all my data and flight progress ? Or would I have to start from the bottom ?

If you read what schyllberg said above, that issue was actually mainly an android issue (a hotfix did come out for that). I’m just stating something that happened once to me, which basically never happened before 22.8. A simple restart of the app fixed it, so it wasn’t a big deal. There’s not much of a need to change devices, that just seems like it would cause more headaches.

To answer your questions though, you can keep your account progress by signing in on your android device. Your grade and stats will be transferred (and your sub, but I believe that will still be billed by the App Store, but you can change that if you want). Also, if you want to transfer replays (which are stored on the device), you can export them out and import them into your android (say you have a favorite replay, you can transfer it over)

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Thanks a lot for the explanations and clarifications mate 🙂. Yes I clearly understood what Schylberg said. One of my main questions was actually wether I’m the only iOS user having this issue or if there are other iOS users with the same issue. And this question has also been answered 🙂.

As for the frame rate issue, do other users like you have this issue also ? And are there any specific settings that could be changed to improve frame rate ? I’ve got my FPS to 30fps (the low setting), anti-aliasing is off and generally I’ve got all my settings to a low setting. With low graphic settings, high or medium, I still have frame rate interruptions. Are there any other settings that help performance that I might not be aware of ?

Cheers 🙂

I would follow all the tips given here: Performance | Infinite Flight

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Hello! I updated it to the latest hotfix recently but im still having the same loading problem, it just stays loading the whole time without going to the home screen like shown below on the screenshot


I also still have the problem, and I didn’t have to install an update for Infinite Flight, even though I don’t have Infinite Flight on automatic update. My phone is the A51 from Samsung.

Did you install the hotfix (22.8.1)?

Yeah, im not sure what’s happening

Yes I see it’s a common issue. At least it makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one with these issues 🤣. As for the frame rate, do any of you guys have small frame rate disruptions at certain times too ?

I am also having the same problem 🥲.

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