IF App keeps crashing

Its been a while since I posted so its good to be back.

But I have an issue going on with either Infinite Flight or my device.

After the 18.2 update, my app keeps crashing or freezing up after around 1-2 hours of flight time. This happened 3 times in a row now and I don’t know what is going on.

Before everyflight, I reset my device. I then clear the scenery cache.

I would really appreciate if I could get a solution for this problem or other tips that might prevent my device from crashing midflight.

** Please note ** I did not have this issue before the update.

Other Details:

Device: iPad Air 2
Storage Left: Around 5 gb
Please let me know below if I should provide more info


Do you have the latest iOS version? If not, make sure to update it.

The Air 2 is a pretty old device and it isn’t the best tablet to play IF on. Lower your graphics settings and disable Anti-Aliasing.


Have you tried reinstalling the application? I have the Air 2 with everything on high and I have no issues.


@Chatta290 @Starley Thanks for the tips!

I just realized what might be causing this issue. I had anti aliasing turned on this whole time. I reinstalled IF for the update and forgot to change the the graphics back to the original settings.

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