IF app crashes on approach every single time.

Hey, i us the 6th gen. iPad. I’ve noticed recently that the IF app crashes on approach all the time. I did try reinstalling the app and the first flight i did after reinstalling was all good…then the rest of the flights i did faced the same issue. What should i do ?


Could you please tell us
• what setting you have the app graphics on.

Also is your iPad
•charging during flight
• are all background apps closed
• have you tried a device restart before each flight?
•do you get the message “device memory is low, restart device, lower graphics, or close other apps”
• getting excessively hot

What software are you currently running on your iPad?

The graphics was set on high on all settings
And i was not charging during my flight
All background apps were closed
No i have t tried restarting my device
And i havent got any of such messages

It was runniing on iOS 11.4

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ok, IF recommends 1 GB of RAM freed, to ensure this please

  • close background apps
  • restart your device between each flight or launching of IF.
    please get back to use and let us see who it works out.
    Also, you mentioned the app crashes on approach, are there a lot of aircraft when it crashes? if so, turn down aircraft count to medium

Lower your setting to medium and turn auto aliasing off. Graphs are still going to be great.

From personal experience I also have difficult on approach with setting some on high, when I lowered them proferomance was much better.

Hi Sammy…while flying all apps are closed
And i tried on an airport with very less amount of traffic and still the same. I also did try with graphics on medium but no difference. I havent restarted the device though. Whats the reason for restarting the device ? Does it improve the device performance or something ?

I also did try with my device restarted and still app crashed

The new update is crashing on approach for me too. Right before touchdown, the screen goes nuts and the plane disappears into total darkness while I receive overspeed warnings. Ipad Mini 4. Happens at about 10 feet. Just happened CLT to JFK runway 22L on training server. A320

Oh but mine is a completely different type of crash. The app just closes…

Okay…let me try it out and will updat you…

restarting your device before each flight clears the RAM of your device,alotting as much as possible to IF

Oh but it dint work out 😕

so youve tried
clearing background apps
restarting device
lowering graphics
may i recommend re-downloading IF?

Still the same…🙄 i dont know what else to do now

Ohh yes 😂 im trying out reinstalling the app now…i hope atleast this would work out because i did try reinstalling earlier and the first flight after install was perfect but the rest were still the same

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Happening to me also…

Just reinstall the app…and problem solved