IF app close/crash in atc mode when giving ALT change

As topic.

In ATC mode as a approach controller.

3 times this occured for me at a total play time of about 40min app freezes for 2-3 sec and then closes. It seems that this happends when I give altitude change. Means at the moment I press the desired altitude I want to give to a player, app end up crashing.

last one was; responding to flight following -> proceed on course -> give vector -> altitude -> 15,000 and then game froze for 2-3 sec and then closed.

I never played as an approach controller before very much so this problem might have been for a time with my device.

Android 4.4.2
Samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition. (P605)

Why where you giving vectors and altitude to a flight following request? But onto your topic have you closed all background apps restarted your device. And possibly dumbed down some advanced settings?

Also is your internet connection green,orange or red? That could e your issue as well

I think you misunderstand, it’s supposed to be the flowchart of in what order I pressed before last crash. But yes I where about to give an altitude change.

Flight following is as it says, you follow someone on the radar but gives altitude or heading if necessary to avoid possible crash example other players.

Settings are at low.
Plenty of ram (3 gig, uses 1.2 before starting IF)
Internet is good enough (green) not very logic reason for a crash.
Nothing else where running (forground)

Is there any “debug mode” that would help alot.

I don’t understand what you mean by flow chart? And I know what flight following means. It’s only used if they have a flight plan filed so no vectors or altitude is needed unless they need to divert around traffic like you said. I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem though so I’ll let the more experienced people take it from here.