IF Api Progress


Remote Controlling IF via the API (WIP):


Thumbs up!


Okay I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and thought if it was possible to remote control IF on your Ipad with a joystick connected to your laptop, while streaming your ipad on your laptop screen via quicktime. just assign the different axes and the thrust to your joystick and throttle and the other buttons to buttons on your keyboard.(“just” hehe, of course you’d need that program for that and some coding capabilities) You could even think of it as a local co pilot! (One guy on the ipad and the other on the laptop) It’d probably be good to have a control priority button like in the airbus cockpits to assign who’s flying the plane (laptop inputs or ipad sensor inputs) (Otherwise you could just assign autopilot on the ipad put it on a flat surface, calibrate it and not move it anymore while the laptop guy is flying)

Remote controlling the plane from the other side of the world tho could be possible but hard to do. How would you display the screen? by a live video stream? And wouldn’t the reaction of the plane take very long since the input would need to go to the device the plane is flying on and then the reaction of the plane via video stream the same distance back. would take too long no?

Great possibilities tho!


Coming along nicely!
How did you end up doing it, raw TCP?


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Good Job so far!


That thumbs-up tho… Looks good!


Yes, I’ll put the source code of the client on Github.


If you check my YouTube channel, you’ll see a video where I did this exact thing. The iPad listening to commands sent by the a program on the PC that reads the joystick inputs.

With what I’m building now, this should be possible.



That’s awesome!


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Some more command types added:


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Adding wpts is great, I’ve always wanted to do flight planning in LiveFlight.

Any chance for ATC-related commands with the API? quite a few people want to control ATC via a bigger screen, was speaking to Jason about this on FlightCast :)


Oh yeah. Honestly if the current ATC style was brought directly into a computer version caugh… Mac…caugh…


Don’t give me too many ideas, I might actually implement them ;-)

But yeah, we could definitely have something that sends the list of shown commands or something…


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So that’s what your “Infinite Flight Connector” test app is on GitHub, right?


Yes :)

You’re quick! How did you find out about it?


Saw you as a contributor in the airport editing organization, tapped your profile, saw your other IFCTest repo, and searched through all the files. I guess I’m too snoopy…